CEP Arm Sleeve L1 Size II/III WS1A01

CEP Arm Sleeve L1 Size II/III WS1A01

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Product Details

These versatile compression arm sleeves are an athlete’s best friend. Our high-tech compression technology helps stabilize muscles, prevent injuries, speed up recovery, and give an extra boost of energy. Designed for those looking to enhance their athletic performance.

- Encircles your muscles more than 300 times in graduated compression
- Made with a 3D anatomical model, eliminating irritation and allowing a full range of motion
- Specific elbow design reduces joint pressure
- Extra padding provides protection and comfort
- 80% Polyamide (Nylon), 20% Elastane
- 15-20 mmHg compression
- Low-maintenance ownership — machine wash and dry

Sizing Details

1) Measure your upper arm circumference at the widest point on your biceps.
2) Measure your forearm circumference at the widest point, approx. 3 cm below the elbow.
3) Measure the length from your wrist to your armpit (on the inside of your arm.

Size 2: Bicep - 10-11.5 in.; Forearm - 9-10.25 in.
Size 3: Bicep - 11.5-12.5 in.; Forearm - 10.25-11.5 in.
Size 4: Bicep - 12.5-14.5 in.; Forearm - 11.5-12.5 in.

L1 Forearm Length: 17-20 in / 43-51 cm
L2 Forearm Length: 19-22 in / 48-56 cm