Workplace Wellness

Enjoy workplace camaraderie centered on physical activity.

Introduction to Wellness

In recent years, there has been strong research evidence to suggest that supporting employees in getting more physically active can create a healthier workforce, increase individual productivity, and decrease absenteeism.

The most robust workplace wellness programs create a company culture of health, have senior leadership buy-in, and offer opportunities for camaraderie centered on physical activity. =PR='s Workplace Wellness programs can support each of these facets.

Footwear Voucher Program

The experienced, professional staff at =PR= is eager to help your company promote a healthy lifestyle which can, in turn, produce a more enthusiastic and productive workplace. We believe that properly fitting footwear both enhances the experience of and encourages the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

As such, we would love to partner with you to offer your employees a subsidized footwear voucher.

Training Programs

At =PR= we believe healthy people are happier people; our passion is encouraging individuals in their health and wellness goals. We recognize that healthy employees are known to be happier and more productive, have higher morale, and are less likely to be absent from work. =PR= can help your company encourage employees to realize their wellness goals through our various training programs tailored to ALL fitness levels.

Race Opportunities

According to the Harvard Business Review, corporate wellness programs that are the most successful have the following characteristics: a culture of health, senior leadership commitment, and offer smart incentives such camaraderie and social cohesion. =PR=’s race opportunities are a perfect way to weave health and wellness into your company’s culture, encourage leadership participation, and create camaraderie.

You can get involved with =PR= Races in two different ways… race sponsorship or team entries into races!

Group Shoe Fittings

Tired of the same lunch-hour routine? Looking for an interactive team-building event? If you are close to one of our nine store locations, consider bringing a group to a =PR= store as a team outing and get individualized shoe fittings done together! If you’re too far to make a quick trip to one of our locations, do not worry! We have a mobile store for such occasions; we’ll bring our expertise and products to you!

Free Lunch & Learns

Research has shown that more than individual behavior change, collective social change is the best catalyst for achieving health. =PR= seminars are a great opportunity for a group to collectively organize and learn about how to enhance their efforts to create and maintain health together. =PR= leadership and staff have given hundreds of seminars and clinics on a wide range of topics.