=PR= Fit Process

We'll help you find the shoe that's meant for you!

Your Feet. Your Fit.

At =PR=, we have been fitting members of our community for shoes over the past 19 years. When it comes to comfortable footwear, we know that the shoes you pick need to match your foot shape, gait, and how you move. Through our 8-step fit process, our expert staff work with customers to find a shoe that meets their unique needs. Whether you run, walk, go to Orange Theory, or just need a comfortable pair of shoes to run errands in, our fit process will guide you to the perfect shoe. More details below.

3D Foot Scanner

The fit process begins with a 3D foot scan on our Volumental scanner. Gain insight and data into the size, shape, and pressure points that make your feet unique. Scan results can be sent directly to your email address for you to access anytime. In addition, custom insoles can be ordered based on your individual foot scan.

Gait Analysis

Now that we know a bit more about your feet thanks to the 3D foot scan, we provide you with a pair of technical socks and a neutral shoe for you to test out on our treadmill. Run or walk on the treadmill at your own pace while we take a video to further asses your foot movement and form. Together, we watch your video in slow motion and discuss which style shoes will be best for your feet based on your gait.

Selection Process

Based on results from the 3D foot scan and gait analysis, our expert staff will select several shoes designed to support your foot in the ways its needs. Try on the shoes, test them out, and pick your favorite! Take your time as it’s important to find the perfect pair of shoes that feel comfortable the second you put them on your feet.

What Else?

During the fit process, our staff will recommend other gear to further elevate your experience. From insoles to technical socks, learn all about what you need to make your shoes feel even better. Are you someone who does different types of activities? Consider getting two pairs so you can have a pair dedicated to each activity.