Training Program Spotlight: Christie Runs The World!


Meet Christie, A =PR= Training Program participant! Christie runs races all around the world. Her ability to set running goals and crush them is extremely admirable. Christie has complete all 6 world major marathons and is currently on a journey to run a half marathon and marathon on each of the 7 continents! 

In Christie's words, "Running has never failed me. I can trust that putting one foot in front of the other, ever forward, will take me beyond my preconceived limits." We caught up with Christie to learn all about her training, favorite race memories, and her future race in Antartica!

Tell us about your journey to run races on every continent.

The thought of literally running the world motivates me to run on all 7 continents. Outside of the U.S., I’ve ran in Madrid, Beijing, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Gold Coast, Port Elizabeth, Amsterdam, and Rio thus far. I still need to run a full marathon in Africa and both distances in Antarctica to complete a half and full marathon on all 7 continents.

You have completed all 6 world major marathons. What an accomplishment! What was your favorite world major memory?

The World Marathon Majors is such a journey, it’s hard to narrow down one favorite memory. I ran the Berlin, Chicago, and New York marathons all in the fall of 2019 which cumulatively was 3 marathons in 5 weeks. Tokyo was special because it was my final Major in 2023 and I was part of setting the world record for the most Six Star finishers in a Major ever.

What is your favorite race you have ever run?

The New York City Marathon and Half Marathon are my favorites overall. The spectators make the whole race feel like a huge party from one borough to the next. Gold Coast in Australia is also a great half and full marathon course, which was my first double distance race (half and full in one weekend) and I was the only American woman to complete the challenge in 2023. The right on Hereford, left on Boylston is my favorite finish line yet though.  

You still need to run a race in Antartica... tell us about what that is going to look like? 

It’ll definitely be my coldest race with varying weather conditions. Antarctica is very limited in opportunities to run annually so I look forward to the challenge!

What does your training look like for all of these races?

I try to run a few shorter distances during the week, but always run longer distances on the weekend. The =PR= Training Program has helped me improve my consistency and speed along with accountability of our great coach, Lauren, and the running group team.

Do you have any pre-race rituals you do before every race? 

I try to get as much sleep as possible 2 nights before a race since I usually don’t sleep as much the night before, especially depending on the start time race morning. I also study the course map and try to visit the finish line area so I can mentally picture myself finishing the race.

Anything else you'd like us to know?

Run your world - whether it be globally, nationally, or locally and join a =PR= Training Program to run/walk with other world runners! 

Christie and her 101/201 training group with their favorite race medals