Trail Adventures Checklist

Ready to get outdoors and take to the trail? Make the most of your day and your adventure with these must-have items. Included on this checklist, you will find some of our top products and footwear for the great outdoors.

– Trail Shoes. Check out our selection of men's and women's trail shoes. Be sure to consider shoes that are also waterproof or water-resistant to keep your feet dry.

Performance Socks. Cotton socks are not an option when it comes to trail running and walking! Consider getting a pair of moisture-wicking performance socks. Also, try out a taller sock length to cover your ankles and calves. This will decrease any dirt and mud splatters and will also help keep the ticks off you!

– Moisture Wicking Apparel. Stay dry with moisture-wicking clothing. Depending on the season, you may want to invest in additional layers so you’ll be prepared for cool mornings and warm afternoons.  Also, consider how much sun exposure you will have on the trail. For trails that are more open make sure you are covered and use sunscreen. Additional coverage is also a good idea for areas that are highly populated with ticks.

Cap, Hat, or Buff. Keep your head covered and avoid overexposure of the sun as you navigate the trail. We love the Sprints hats! The fun colorful patterns make them the perfect addition to your running wardrobe. Buy one, or collect them all!

– Hydration Vest, Pack, or Handheld. Make sure to pack enough water for the amount of time you will be out and about. When deciding how much water to pack, be sure to consider the temperature and how many hours you will be outside.

- Bug Spray and Sunscreen. These two items can go a long way when you are on the trail. Don’t forget to reapply for longer days outdoors.

Road IDs or Safety Bracelet. A great way to stay safe is to wear an item that includes your name and a contact person in case of an emergency. In addition, you can include this information in a pack or vest if you plan to wear one.

Gaiters. For days that are muddy or trails that include a lot of rocks and debris, consider wearing gaiters.

Nutrition. Don’t forget snacks! Pick from a wide variety of gels, chews, or drink powders to keep you energized all day out on the trail. 

Run Laces. Don’t let untied shoes slow you down or trip you up on the trail. Instead, try a pair of elastic lock Run Laces.

– Garmin GPS Watch. A GPS will help you stay on track and record your mileage.

– Body Glide. Apply Body Glide before heading out on the trail to prevent chafing and blisters.

– Safety & Reflective Products. Depending on the time of day or amount of time you plan to be on the trail, you may want to carry a light or wear a headlamp. In addition, safety items such as a whistle are great to take on less traveled trails. Be sure to always share your location and length of time traveling with a loved one or friend.

Before you head out for your next adventure, stop by one of our Trail Centers at =PR= Leesburg, One Loudoun, Reston, Springfield, South Riding or shop online to get all of the items you need.

Now that you have all the gear, it’s time to hit the trail running and enjoy the great outdoors. Tag @potomacriverrunning on social media to share with us your trail adventures!