BRRRing on the Cold Weather, Must Have Items for Winter

The weather outside is frightful, but the cold weather gear is so delightful! If you want to avoid frostbite toes, wool socks will be the way to go! Wool socks, mittens, buffs and layers are just the starting point for your winter must-haves this cold weather season. So get ready to bundle up and read on to learn about our top picks for this upcoming winter.

Lets start at the top:

Beanies, Buffs, and head-bands are the perfect grab and go items to keep your head warm for the cooler temps. One of our favorite items is the Buff, it’s versatile and has over 10 plus uses! Let’s just say the Buff is a Jack (Frost) of all trades. Another favorite of ours is the =PR= Beanie perfect for staying warm on a brisk walk or hike. 

Sticking your neck out:

We already told you all about the Buff but how about a half zip to keep you neck covered. A half zip is the perfect option to keep your neck from being exposed. When dressing for the winter weather it’s always smart to think in layers. Half zips are a good choice to throw over a base layer and easy enough to remove if you start to heat up on the run. 

Lending a helping hand:

One of the most important things when out in the cold weather, is keeping your hands covered. Whether you’re a glove or mitten person, finding the perfect pair is a necessity. When selecting your next pair of gloves or mittens, some advice… buy more than one! Missing mittens anyone?!? Us too! Also, be sure to try the pair on before you leave the store to check for comfort and fit just like you would with your shoes.  

Put your best foot forward:

And finally your feet! Keeping your feet dry is crucial during the winter. If you have ever had wet feet on a cold day you know just how miserable it can be and it will most likely abruptly end any run or walk! Always make sure to take care of you feet, we suggest trying wool socks for an extra layer of warmth this winter. 


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Now that you know the ins and outs of getting dressed this winter, lace up and trek on!