=PR= Spotlight: Ryan, =PR= Customer, Videographer, and Dad

Running your own business if hard enough but when you add Dad to your resume things can get even busier! This month we spotlight =PR= Customer (and =PR= videographer!) Ryan. Ryan and his wife Katie do all of Potomac River Running's professional videography! If you've ever seen one of our video ads, that's the work of Ryan and Katie! Ryan is the co-owner of Compass Studios and father of Charlie! Ryan and his wife Katie may be busy running their own business but that doesn’t mean he can’t squeeze in some fun and fitness with Charlie! Read this month’s spotlight and be sure to get a good laugh at Ryan’s dad joke and awesome advice from his father.

Tell us about your business, how did it start? What is your role, etc.? 

I am co-owner of Compass Studios with my wife Katie. We're a small, local photography/videography company and we specialize in everything from corporate projects to weddings. I do all of the videography. It's been so fun to grow together and do what we love. 

Tell us about when you found out about becoming a father. 

Although it was planned, this doesn't mean it still wasn't a huge shock to me when Katie casually placed a pregnancy test on my lap while watching TV. I had equal parts excitement and nervousness.

What changes have occurred since you became a father (in relation to your business, day-to-day routine, working out/fitness) 

Everyone said that once you have kids, your personal hobbies take a back seat but this has not been the case. You simply adapt, and if something is important to you, you'll find a way to keep it in your life. For me, that's been wildlife photography. Instead of long hikes in our local woods searching for wildlife on my own, I now do so with a large baby on my back. Adding the extra weight has been a fun way to challenge me physically, and Charlie loves coming along for the ride and being out in nature. We are also continuing to grow our business. It's challenging to juggle it all but it's a ton of fun, and we're lucky to have family help out when needed.

What are some suggestions for dads that are trying to balance work life and working out? 

There is always time to work out. I think everyone should be able to carve out 30 minutes each day to do so. It can be difficult with kids, but adding them INTO your workout routine could be a great way to solve that solution. If backpacking isn't your thing, stroller walks/runs, bike rides, or just throwing around a frisbee are some fun activities.

Where is your favorite place to go with Charlie? (think park, outdoors, etc.)

The woods, always. Algonkian Nature Preserve is where I usually am with him lately. It's beautiful and remote, and home to everything from owls to foxes to deer, even coyote.

Three words to describe Ryan the Dad

Active, fun, present.

Three words to describe Ryan the Businessman 

Tech-guy, evolving, passionate.

Favorite "dad" shoe 

My waterproof Crispi Boots. They should last years, and I take them on all of my wildlife adventures off-trail in the woods.

What advice would you give to expecting dads? 

You can still do all the fun things, travel, and grow in your career. It just takes some adapting, and some coffee.

What's your best dad joke? 

Why couldn't anyone see the bird? Because he was in da skies!

How do you stay active and keep up with Charlie? 

Cardio is my main thing, but I also do a lot of regenerative exercises such as stretching, heat-padding, and even 20-minute power naps lately! Once he's in bed, unwinding with Netflix and getting good sleep as well keeps me feeling good the next day.

Who motivates you?

I really enjoy the podcast The Peter Attia Drive. He is a Stanford/Hopkins, NIH-trained MD who specializes in health, performance, longevity, and critical thinking. 

How do you plan to spend your Father's Day? 

Not working! This is our busy time of year, and we're often working at weddings on weekends, so it will be great to relax at home and most certainly do something outside.

What's the best advice your dad gave you? 

"Stop and think." This is a phrase my Dad has said since I was little. It's useful before leaving the house to not forget anything, and just slowing down in general.

Top three must-have products to have for a dad on the run (or walk or hike!) 

  1. Binoculars, obviously a must if you are a Dad (Athlon Midas 8x42),
  2. Patagonia Capilene shirts (it's the lightest, most breathable fabric you can find and is sun-protective), 
  3. Most importantly a pair of custom-fitted walking/running shoes from PR. I live in mine!

Tell us anything more you'd like to share! 

I'd love if you checked out my wildlife website! www.ryancoreywildlife.com