Cake, Onions, Cabbage, Hair...

What do all these things have in common with fall running and walk?! LAYERS!

A bit of a stretch you say... well not really. Layered cake: delicious, onions and cabbage: full of layers, layers in your hair: the next big trend in style, and layers for running and walking in the fall: A MUST-HAVE! Fall weather is ever changing - cold, hot, warm, wet, windy, weird... it's hard to keep up with the forecast and even harder to dress for your next run or walk. You start the morning bundled up and by the time you are ready to hit the outdoors to log your miles it's blazing hot! Try these helpful layering tips to keep you ready for whatever weather may come this fall. 

Layer, Layer, Layer. 

Rather than wearing one piece that is either too light or too heavy opt for layers that work with you as you run or walk. Start with a few key pieces and as you heat up peal away a layer or if it's cooler than you thought, add a piece to add warmth. A base layer plus a half zip are a great start for any runner or walker to have in their wardrobe.  

Don't Over Do-It. 

Fall weather is hard to predict but don't get carried away and pull out everything you own for your next run or walk. Remember you will warm-up as you start to get going so opt for layers over your snow suit. Nothing is worse than heating up mid-run or walk and having a whole load of laundry to carry home! Remember this helpful tip: take the current temperature and dress how you would for 10-20 degrees warmer. 

Cover up! 

Heads, hands, and toes should be covered on cold mornings or evenings. If they are cold, your whole body will most likely feel it too! It may not be winter yet but no one likes to have frosty fingers so grab your mittens or gloves like the Mizuno BT Thermo Knit Glove for your hands and a pair of wool socks to keep your toes dry and warm. And don't forget about your head... try a Buff, headband, or beanie to cover your head. 

Fall back and Move Forward. 

Put your best foot forward this fall with a pair of trail shoes for days when you want to leave the pavement and enjoy the fall leaves and winding trails. And since we are talking about layers here, don't forget to get some good socks to slip on too! You may want to try a wool sock to help with keeping you feet dry when your run is full of dew and wet trails! 

Check the weather and have a little faith in your local weatherman! 

We know meteorologists have their good and bad days... some days you wonder what in the world are they talking about?!? But most of the time they know what's to come! So check the weather and check it often. Look weekly for long term plans like building a training plan, look daily for your run or walk, and look hourly to make any last minute changes to your outfit! 

So what are you waiting for... lace up, layer up, and get out and enjoy the fall miles all season long!