As Fast As…

Race day is just around the corner and you have been eyeing those performance shoes for days, maybe weeks, or even months. You keep thinking, maybe just maybe this is the answer to a new personal record but then you think to yourself… who am I kidding!? I’m no professional runner. I am not winning the next major marathon. But then you see another post of the latest and greatest fastest racing shoe yet… and that feeling comes back… Should I? Could I? Would I? Two Words: DO IT! 

Sure the fastest racing shoes are worn by the best of the best. There’s no question about it! But who says you can’t wear them and run your fastest race yet?

Here’s what you should know and why you should make the investment! 

Performance shoes can…. 

1. Help you run faster! Lighter shoes, more responsive foams, and the latest and greatest in shoe technology and testing. Performance shoes can help you chip away at your next personal record. 

2. Speed up recovery! A personal record is important but recovery is just as important. Performance shoes can help you get back faster and then you can lace up again for the next new personal record. 

3. You put the time in! You’ve spent miles and miles preparing for your big day so why sell yourself short? You’ve invested the time and preparation so give yourself the best chance of racing fast in a pair of performance running shoes.

And after all, if your favorite runners are toeing the line, (running new PRs and winning races) then why not you? Invest in a performance shoe and...

Now you will be as fast as Eliud Kipchoge in the Nike Alphafly Next % 2

Or as fast as Emily Sisson in the New Balance FuelCell TC .

Or as fast as Keira D’Amato in the Nike Vaporfly Next %.

Or as fast as Sara Hall in the ASICS Metaspeed

Or as fast as Grant Fisher in the Nike Dragonfly

Or as fast as Alexi Pappas in the Altra Vanish Carbon

Or as fast as Aliphine Tuliamuk in the Hoka Rocket X.

Or as fast as Jared Ward in the Saucony Endorphin Pro.

Or as fast as (INSERT YOUR PHOTO) in the (INSERT YOUR SHOE). 

So what are you waiting for? Shop our full collection of the fastest shoes and get ready for a new personal record!