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August 22, 2017 |

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We’d like to introduce you to Chris Kelly / =PR= Vienna

There is something about a familiar face that can turn a regular shopping trip into a memorable experience. Longtime Potomac River Running staff member Chris Kelly has been a part of giving that experience to customers for eight years. His down to earth personality and quirky sense of humor have gained him the reputation of being one of our most beloved employees from those who know him. There’s a good chance that if you’re in the store while he is, you’ll leave smiling or laughing.

Chris began his journey at Metro Run & Walk in Falls Church before Potomac River Running bought that storefront. He was asked to join the =PR= family when the transition was being made, and without hesitation he agreed to become part of a new specialty running and walking company.

As fate would have it, Chris had already spent 45 years of his life running along the Potomac River. It was only natural for him to start working for a company with the same namesake.

His running history is something to be admired. Chris is a Marine Corps Marathon and Cherry Blossom 10 Miler veteran and, up until last year, had been running 30-40 miles a week since 1972. On his marathon racing experience, he said, “If and when you run your first marathon, you’ll be decent. After completing a marathon, set the goal to take one minute off the next one… and you’ll always set a personal record.” He has successfully set personal best times in each of his marathons, working his way down to a 3 hour and 45 minute marathon.

After years of running, he more easily embraces the challenges that come with the sport, especially the ones that are outside of his control. He’s able to put a positive spin on differing weather conditions for example: “The wind is always your friend. Everyone thinks the opposite, but it feels good.”

The challenges runners face in training are parallels to every day life. Running taught Chris that in life you can’t cut corners to get where you want to go. Without goals and grit, you won’t successfully go anywhere. His wisdom has the ability to resonate with any new or experienced runner. Eight years at Potomac River Running and countless miles of experience later, you can now find the familiar face of Chris Kelly at our new Vienna location. He’s still helping customers every step of the way.