=PR= Age Group Race Team

Head to any DC-area race and chances are you’ll find someone wearing a =PR= singlet! We are happy to support area runners who are performing at the elite, regional elite, and age group elite levels. To qualify, you will be expected to either race in or volunteer at various =PR= events and activities throughout the year.

The first 200 people who apply (and meet the Age Group race time standards) receive a =PR= race singlet and $10 off =PR= Races throughout the year. Race Team members will be invited to our =PR= Age Group Race Team kick-off party in the beginning of 2015. Additionally, Team Members will be invited to 2-4 exclusive in-store sale events for all team members and their families. Throughout the year, there will be additional Race Team apparel and jackets available at discounted rates.

If you are interested in taking on a more active role with the Race Team and earning more gear, we are looking for =PR= Race Team Ambassadors. As an Ambassador, you will qualify for additional free premium race gear, footwear, and race entries. The =PR= Race Team Ambassadors will be expected to be active in social media helping to promote =PR= events and races, lead fun runs from our stores, volunteer at events, and fulfill other Ambassador duties. Please email us if you are interested in being considered for the =PR= Race Team Ambassador program.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2015 =PR= Age Group Race Team.  All =PR= Age Group Race Team members will need to reapply to be accepted onto the 2015 team. All applications are due by December 5, 2014 (no exceptions).

Please download the 2015 =PR= Race Team application and email it to raceteam@potomacriverrunning.com.

The 2015 =PR= Race Team is supported by Sport & Spine Rehab!