When Life SOCKS, We’ll Be HEEL For You

Have you ever gotten a blister for no good reason? Or are out mid-run when your sock slips down? Ever experience your socks bunching near your toes? Got a funky smell coming from your feet? If you answered yes to any of these then it SOCKS to be you. But luckily for you, Potomac River Running is HEEL for you and can help with a pair of performance socks

You probably have wondered what’s all the hype about those fancy socks, well listen up and read on to learn why you need to give yourself a sock upgrade. 

Benefits of Performance Socks 

No Time For Blisters 

Cotton is rotten when it comes to socks and performance. Running socks are engineered to help reduce blisters with moisture-wicking materials and to keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout your entire run or walk. So leave the blisters behind and run on! 

Stay Put All Run Long 

Nothing is worse than having to stop mid-run to fix your sock of all things. Performance socks stay put and don’t slide around like regular socks. We love Balega Hidden Comfort socks that stay put and give you a little extra comfort and cushion in the heel. Just remember, when you are shopping for performance socks, select the size according to your shoe size for the best fit. 

Fresh As a Daisy, Leave the Odor Behind 

No one wants to admit it but let’s face it, sometimes we all have a funky smell coming from our feet. You know when you get back from a run and unlace and kick off your shoes and BOOM you are smacked in the face with a funky foot smell? Well there’s a solution for that, wool socks, our favorite Smartwool socks. And yes they are for ALL year long not just winter time. Wool socks can help reduce odor and keep the funk away. So go on and invest in a pair of wool socks and smell as fresh as a daisy! 

A Little Something Extra 

At first you may be thinking why in the world would I splurge on a pair of socks that cost more than my morning coffee and croissant? The thing is, you already invest in good footwear so why not go the extra step and get the socks too? Besides the reasons noted earlier there’s more too! Performance running socks offer compression like Feeturescushion to your liking, they are designed specifically for both your left and right foot, and they last longer! And if all that’s not enough then how about this, at Potomac River Running, all year long you can enjoy our sock promotion, buy 3 get the 4th free. Shop in-store or online with coupon code BOGOSOCKS. So go on and treat your feet to a fresh new pair of performance running socks and treat your shoes to the perfect pair!