Ways To Stay Cool This Summer

Is it just us or are things starting to heat up? Step outside and just like that you are surrounded by a pool of sweat. Gross, we know... but with a few smart tips you can keep your cool all summer long!

The Early Bird 

Do you rise before the sun? Well if you are a morning go-getter than good news… it’s the perfect time to get your run or walk in. Beat the sun and rise to the occasion by logging your miles. Just make sure to stay safe and be seen with reflective and safety gear. 

Night Time is The Right Time 

Prefer sleeping in but like to stay up late? Not a problem, similar to the early bird, if you are a night owl this is another great time to log your miles. Wait till the sun goes down and things cool off before you lace up to go! Of course you will want to make sure you plan your dinner accordingly and not eat a heavy meal before you go out. Just like the morning go-getters, make sure you are wearing proper lighting and reflective gear so you can stay safe. 

Easy Breezy 

Take it easy! On red hot days take it easy and don’t stress over your pace! In fact, don’t even think twice about your pace, maybe leave your watch at home or just go for an amount of time rather than a distance. Hot days are not the time to try to squeeze in a workout. Instead, embrace the heat and take it easy with a slower run, walk, or opt to take your workout indoors or in the pool! We love taking our run to the pool, hello aqua jogging!  

Big Gulp

From 7 to 11 or for the duration of your day, be sure to drink up! Staying hydrated is key to beating the summer heat. Start your morning by drinking 8-16oz of water and then continue to drink all throughout the day. When you are ready to jump into bed, make sure to take one last gulp before you hit the sack. Make staying hydrated easy with one of our reusable water bottles and give it a little flavor boost with a Nuun hydration tablet. 

Pass the Salt 

Ever feel like you get more cramps when running in the heat? Well you do! Alleviate some of the extra cramping and try taking  SaltStick Fastchew tablets throughout your run or walk. The tablets are formulated to closely match the electrolytes you lose when you sweat making them perfect for helping with the heat stress during exercise and reducing all those muscle cramps throughout the summer. 

Dress for the Digits 

When the thermometer reads, “hot, hot, hot” make sure you are dressed in clothes that will keep you cool and comfortable all day long! Starting with your head, find your favorite ball cap or better yet try a run cap that includes moisture wicking material to keep you head covered and give you some relief from the sun. Next up, grab a pair of goodr sunglasses to keep you from squinting into the sun all day. Now for the clothing. Select clothing that is breathable, lightweight, and durable for the summer heat. Also, make sure the fabrics are meant for sweat. For example, cotton clothing will weigh you down but technical fabrics will soak up your sweat and let you stay dry longer. Check out our summer apparel to find some key pieces to add to your wardrobe. 

Seek Shelter 

Do you typically log your miles on the road, at a track, or in the open? When the sun is blazing down you may wish you had a little coverage to block the sunshine. Try finding a new route that includes tree coverage such as a wooded trail or park. Additional coverage and new surrounding may be welcomed during the hotter months of summer. Stop by one of our 9 store locations if you are looking for some great new places to explore that are a bit more shady than your typical route. 

Now that you have read these helpful tips there’s no need to sweat it. Keep calm and stay cool as you get ready to take on the dog days of summer!