Top Picks for XC Season

Cross Country season is here and it’s time to get ready to dust off your spikes and get dirty but first what are the top picks for the season? Let our team help you get the top gear, accessories, and footwear for your upcoming season. Check out our top 5 must-have items for the season.

#5 Garmin Watch

Pace, mileage, heart rate, distance. You want to know all of your stats and the Garmin watch is the perfect way to get the details all in one place. Select from a variety of different models and be in the know this XC season. We suggest starting with an introductory model as it’s the perfect balance of all the numbers you want without an overload of data… leave that up to your coaches ;)

 #4 Spike Kit

This season be the coaches favorite when you are the most prepared athlete on the team for race day! The =PR= Spike Kit has everything you need all in one place including a wrench, spike pins, tooth brush to give your spikes a cleaning, and more! Shop in store today!

#3 Trainers

Trainers could easily be the top pick. Having GREAT footwear is your most important piece of equipment this XC season. Make sure to take the time to get fit for a good pair that feels super comfy. You are going to be logging a ton of miles so make sure you feel good doing it. Stop by any of our locations and let’s get started with your fitting!

#2 XC Spikes

Now that you have a good pair of trainers it’s time to get your footwear for race day… SPIKES! Light, fast, and perfect for mud, dirt, and all that encompasses XC running. Our store has a full collection of XC spikes so head on over and let’s find a pair that will make you fast and fly on race day! Shop Boy's Spikes  |  Shop Girl's Spikes 

#1 Willingness to dig deep

Cross Country will take you to places you never could have imagined both physically and even more mentally. Be willing to dig deep when the going gets tough (which it will!). Big uphills, tough courses, difficult terrain, mud, mud, and more mud, are just a few hurdles you may come across this season but with the right gear, great footwear, and an awesome attitude we are sure you will be off on the right foot this XC season.

Since XC is all about going the distance and taking on the extra miles we figured we’d suggest a few more products that we think will really help you have a gnarly season.

Recovery - XC can take a real toll on your body so make sure you allow time for your body to recover properly. We suggest using a foam roller to help with your recovery and also a great item to wear post run and even during the run (especially on your long run days) are CEP compression socks!

Fuel - After you log all those miles you need to replenish your body with FUEL. We know you probably want to dig into a burger or a big plate of pasta but first consider putting something into your body while you are waiting for your breakfast or dinner to be prepared. Try an XACT protein bar for a quick and tasty way to get some fuel back in your system. We have a feeling that these new protein bars may become a new favorite!

Extra Spike Pins - The last thing you want to have to worry about on race day is scrambling to find spike pins for your race. So make sure to store some extra pins in a variety of lengths somewhere safe so you are always prepared. We suggest purchasing the =PR= Spike Kit, it’s got everything you need all in one place for race day. You will be the most prepared XC runner out there and you may become your teammates BFF when they are searching high and low for a spike pin on race day.

Mental Toughness - Unfortunately you can’t find this one in our store or online… This one is not something you can purchase, however we bet you can talk with your coach or even one of our staff members on some tips and tricks on how to get prepared for your season, race, and any uphill battle that may come your way this season. Cross country running is not for the weak, you have to mentally tough so go on with your bad self and get ready to crush the season.