Spring Break... Rest, Relax, Run, Repeat

Warm weather awaits and for many of us a spring break trip or vacation is on the horizon, which means it’s time to rest, relax, run, and repeat! But before you hit the road, catch a plane, or sink your toes into the sand, let’s make sure you have everything you need for that trip! These products are perfect for any vacation and also serve you well when you decide to go for a run, walk, or just need a break from the sunshine! 


Is it even a vacation if you don’t have a pair of sunglasses packed? We don’t think so… we love Goodr sunglasses for any trip! They are perfect for the beach, on the road, and of course on a run or walk. Check out our full selection of styles and colors! 

Fanny Packs! (Running Belts) 

Make travel easier with your running belt! You already love these for carrying things on the run but did you ever think to wear it for travel? Passport, IDs, odds and ends all fit perfectly in your belt when you are on the run in the airport, on a tour, and exploring a new area! 


Vacations are meant to be relaxing so add a little extra support in your shoes with a pair of insoles and log those miles in comfort. Whether you are hiking, hitting the boardwalk, or just strolling around town, a pair of insoles are the perfect way to give you an extra boost of comfort on your trip! They are even great for waiting in looooooooong airline lines! 


Hours on a plane or in a car? Compression, Compression, Compression. Compression socks are any travelers best friend. Feel fresh as a daisy during travel with a pair of these on you! As soon as you land or arrive you can be ready to bounce and explore without the feeling of dead legs. 


As relaxing as vacation can be, it can also be very tiring! Make sure you stay hydrated especially if you are spending more time outside or in the sunshine. We suggest carrying a handheld water bottle or even a hydration pack for long hikes. 

Gear and Footwear! 

Shorts, tanks, tees, and most importantly comfortable slides and shoes! Be sure to pack your suitcase with a good pair of slides such as OOfos (perfect for walking around and the beach!), footwear for all your travels, and a wardrobe that allows you to run, walk, and do whatever it is you plan to do on your trip! 

Now that you have everything you need! Grab your passport and get ready for a little R and R … and R (rest, relax, and run!)