PR Training Program Spotlight - Ghoson

If you're looking for inspiration in the new year, look no further than Ghoson. She is a repeat member of the One Loudoun training programs, attends Burn Boot Camp on a daily basis, AND is a mother to 5! Her dedication is amazing and we can't wait to see what she does in 2024! Read on to learn more about Ghoson. 
1. How did you get started running? Tell us about your running journey.
I started running when my kids were young. I would put them in a high chair as I ran on the treadmill. Then I stopped for a while, picking it up on and off but only on the treadmill. Only indoors. And then when I started BURN parts of the workout included running outside. That lead me to join 5k’s with friends which led me to find this program. It’s allowed me to fall in love with running and running outside.
2. Tell us all about your daily Burn Boot Camps!
Daily Burn Boot Camps include full body work. It includes conditioning and strength and allows you to feel your whole body is working while immersed with an amazing community. 
3. You are a mom to 5! How do you balance running, fitness, and being a mom? 
Being a mom is hard, and having them growing up gets harder. Joining Burn allows for me to feel good about myself which lets me connect with my kids. I’m able to keep up with them and their activities. And when doing things that make you genuinely happy, it makes you feel like you can balance it all, kids, relationships, and your health and happiness. 
4. Any advice for moms looking to get into running?
Running is really great especially how it’s done through this program. You can go at your own pace and before you know it you’ll feel yourself improving. You’ll notice you’re running for longer, and running faster. My advice to new moms is don’t be afraid of doing what you want to do. Just start.  
5. What is your favorite running or race memory?
My favorite running memory is running with my daughter. I was scheduled to run a race with my nephew but he bailed the last second. So I woke my daughter up that morning and had her come meet me at the race spot and we ran it together.