=PR= Staff Summer Favorites

The heat is on so we asked a few of our staff what products are a must-have this summer. Here’s what they had to say.

Maya, =PR= Fairfax Manager

ASICS World Championships Apparel

“I love the fun colors and everything is really lightweight and I always love to rock gear for a major event in the USA!”

Emily, =PR= Fairfax Staff

SaltStick Chews

“I love salt tabs in the summer because they help prevent my muscles from cramping and they help replenish the salt I lose from sweating." 

Jason, =PR= Fairfax Staff

goodr Sunglasses

"It helps me with my vision on a bright sunny day while running!"

Joe, =PR= Burke Staff

Nike React Infinity Run 3

“My favorite shoes this summer are the new Nike React Infinity 3s! I love how it has great cushioning while still feeling snappy and responsive.”

Patrick, =PR= Fairfax Staff


"I love the Hypervolt, it helps relieve the soreness in my legs after a long run or hard workout."

Jenna, =PR= Leesburg Manager 

Brooks Method 8" Shorts

"Most shorts are too short and leave my thighs chafed after a run but its too hot for leggings. The Brooks Method 8" shorts are long enough to prevent the dreaded chub rub and have pockets for my phone and keys!"

Nicole, =PR= Leesburg Staff

Altra Paradigm 6

"I like the Paradigm because it provides an easier stride, leaving my legs feeling less tired after a run."

Mary, =PR= Leesburg Staff

Brooks Ghost 14

"I love the Ghost 14 due to how much support and comfort I feel when I run in them! They fit and feel so nice!"

Gina, =PR= Marketing & Community Outreach Coordinator

XACT Fruit Bars

“These things are delicious, dare I say as tasty as candy bars?, They are easy on my stomach and my new go to fuel for the summer. Even my little guy Tony tries to grab for them.” 

Lauren, =PR= Online Sales & Marketing Manager 

=PR= Graphic Tees

“=PR= graphic tees are a summer staple in my wardrobe! Whether I’m going on a run, walk, or just hanging out around the house, you’ll be sure to find me rocking a graphic tee or tank!”