=PR= Run and Walk by Keira D’Amato

Introducing =PR= Run and Walk by Keira D’Amato, this month we spotlight our newest store just a hop, skip, and a jump (or a few marathons away) from the Northern Virginia area.

=PR= Run and Walk by Keira D’Amato opened their doors this summer in the Richmond area located in the Westchester Commons Shopping Center in Midlothian, Virginia. From the beginning, there has been a lot of energy and tons of fun from the store but that’s no surprise when the boss lady is a big jokester herself, Keira D’Amato.

Keira and her husband Tony are excited to welcome locals and friends from all over to their new store. A lot is the same but a lot is different too. When you walk into =PR= Run and Walk by Keira D'Amato, you will still get the same great service, the same great fit experience, and you may even recognize some of our awesome team from NOVA. But what’s different you ask? Well, the chance that you may just be shopping at the same time that an AMERICAN RECORD HOLDER and Runner's World magazine cover girl is in the store with you at the same time! (Can you say fan girl freak out moment!!!)

But don’t worry, you may be freaking out inside but once you start to chit chat you will realize that Keira and Tony are normal running nerds like the rest of us just looking to find good fitting shoes and good company. So whether you are in the RVA area or looking to make a trip down, the next time you are there be sure to swing in and say hi! And don’t forget to check out Keira’s Corner and Top Picks… We left the photos out so it will be a surprise when you stop in! Also, if a trip is not in your future you can still score some awesome Run RVA and Keira swag on the online store. Shop now at www.prrva.com.