New Year's Resolutions!

Hello 2022, Goodbye 2021. The start of the new year is always an exciting time to recharge, refresh, and restart. It's a time to take a moment to reflect on the past year and look forward to the year ahead. Many of us will look at what we accomplished and what’s left to accomplish. As you start to map out your 2022 goals, resolutions, and game plans for the year ahead, let us suggest a few things that we think can help you along the way! 

Here are a few of our favorite things to keep you on track and help you stick to all your New Year’s resolutions and goals. 

The =PR= 31 in 31 Challenge Card!

Sometimes the hardest part of the New Year is setting goals and sticking to them! Let us help you make it easy, join Potomac River Running for an old tradition in the New Year. This January log a minimum of a mile a day for the entire month. It’s as easy as lacing up and getting out! Walk, Run, Jog, and Log! Stop by any of our 9 locations now until January 10th to collect your card, while supplies last! The best part… there’s a sweet prize at the end of the challenge! 

New Shoes and a Personalized Fitting

New Year, New Gear! The start of the new year is the perfect time to replace your old shoes, get fit for a new pair, and shop for new gear. Stop by any of our 9 store locations and start with a fitting including a 3D foot scan, gait analysis, and of course the best part, finding a pair of shoes that feels oh so good! After you find the perfect pair of shoes then grab a few key pieces of apparel and socks to start 2022 of on the right foot. Ready to get started? Schedule a fitting and get the date on your calendar!

A Positive Attitude! 

It’s time to smash your negative Nancy and Debbie downer thoughts because 2022 is all about being a positive Polly. Sure you will have setbacks and some days will be harder than others, but keep on keepin' on! This year make a point of staying positive and when life throws you lemons go for a run or walk and then make lemonade to enjoy afterwards! One of our favorite things is to find a mantra, quote, or words to live by and when you start to get sour, remember those words! You Got This! So grab a glass and pour yourself some lemonade because 2022 will be sweeter than ever with a positive attitude! 

A Cheerleader, Coach, or BRF (Best Running Friend) 

Everyone needs a little help from a friend! There’s a reason why most people stop after 3 days because it’s hard to stick with it but if you have the right support crew to help you along the way you are sure to go that much further. Find a trusted friend, cheerleader, coach, or someone to keep you accountable this year. Think of this person as your go to guy or gal! If you need a little help, we have a whole team of staff that would love to help you conquer your 2022 goals! 


Expert Advice, A few races scheduled, and a game plan! 

Expert Advice: Let’s face it, even the most talented athletes need a little help and advice and that’s why they have coaches to help them reach their goals. The good news? Potomac River Running is full of staff members that have been there, done that, and survived it! Running a 5K for the first time? Looking to set a new PR? Trying to lose weight? Want to run a marathon? Whatever it is, we can help! One of our favorite parts of getting to know you is learning about your goals so don’t be shy! Stop by and let’s talk! 

Races: If one of your goals is to race more, be more active, or get out and meet new people, then why not join us for a race! We have a year’s worth of races to select from including a range of distances and locations! And if you are really ready to commit for 2022 then check out our awesome Race Pass and Race Pass Plus. 

Game Plan: If you are looking for a little more advice and need the extra push out the door then how about joining a training program? Our coaching staff can help you with whatever goal you may have this year and you’ll have a whole team of members to help you along the way! Check out our training programs and find the one that fits you and your goals! 

Ready, Set, Let’s Do This! 2022 ready or not here we come!