Our Loveliest List of All-Time!

Roses and chocolates are nice and all but we prefer a gift that goes above and beyond! Check out our loveliest gifts for your sweatheart… oops we mean sweetheart! 

#5 Gift Cards! 

This is an easy one… it may be the simplest gift to get and give but trust me your loved one will love you more than you know when they get the chance to spend that gift card on all their favorite footwear, gear, and more! So go on and keep it simple! Maybe add a thoughtful card too! 

#4 Runderwear? 

We aren’t Victoria Secret… but we can tell you a secret! Shhhhh, come in close it’s our little secret… We sell runderwear and bras too! We prefer racy over lacy undergarments. And by racy we mean gear that will make you feel good and keep you comfortable on race day and everyday! From supportive sports bras to everyday runderwear we have a little bit of everything. Check out our selection of bras for women and Saxx runderwear for men. 

#3 First Day, RUNiversary, Long Distance Relationship, It’s Complicated… 

Whether it’s your first date or ever lasting love, we think the best gift of all is time with your loved one! And what makes it even more RUNderful is when it’s time on your feet! Make them feel extra special by signing up, training, and racing with your partner. Check out our full race calendar to find the perfect race for the perfect pair! 

#2 A box of chocolates… 

Okay, we know we said we'd rather other things than chocolate but I mean come on, who doesn’t like chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Our favorites you ask… easy, any chocolate nutritional!


This one we can’t help with… XoXo’s are never overrated and they don’t even cost a dime! So go on and race over to your sweetheart and treat them to a few extra XoXos! 

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at =PR=