Our Favorite Treats and Tricks

It's October and you know what that means!? Halloween! Check out some of the =PR= staff's favorite running-related tricks and treats! 




Jenna, =PR= Leesburg 

Reeces or anything with peanut butter and chocolate 

Here is my trick: Try to do a run/walk interval to help you go farther if you are new to running! 

Marques, =PR= Springfield

Whether I'm treating myself or rewarding myself post-race, donuts are my favorite treat! I'm not sure if it's a trick, but I prefer to start my runs listening to a podcast, audiobook, speech, or other non-music (interviews, etc.) in my headphones as opposed to music. Then I switch to music at the end or halfway through. This helps with my breathing/pacing so I don't waste adrenaline too quickly.

Gina, =PR= Marketing 

My favorite treat is a scoop of mint chip ice cream and a scoop of pistachio ice cream!  

My favorite trick to play on people is bake a batch of “Sugar” cookies and replace the sugar with salt… ;) 

Ohhh you mean running trick… Trick yourself into thinking the finish line is closer than you think.. Take each mile one at a time and the length of the race won’t seem so scary! 

Elise, =PR= Graphic Designer


Ice cream buffet. Lately (and by lately I mean for the last 3 years) my husband and I have anywhere between 5-10 flavors of ice cream in the freezer. Once the kid goes to bed… out comes the line of Haagen-Dazs!

Not a “runner” you say? You are a runner if you run on the soccer field (like me), run to catch your kids or dog, or run to catch the bus... so the next time you think you're not a “runner” trick yourself and run to the X, Y, or Z and just like that you are a runner! 

Chris, =PR= Reston

My favorite treat is Saturday night after a day of work, sitting down and enjoying a thin crust pizza from Wal-Mart with my favorite gal. 

Trick? Comfort is king! Take care of your feet, legs, dress properly and go get it!!! 

Ryan, =PR= Leesburg

Candy! Skittles, Snickers, Sour Patch Kids. You name it, I love it. A trick... don't be afraid to make a running day a cross training day. Go on a hike, hop on your bike, go swimming. Mix it up and have fun.

Alex, =PR= Fairfax 

Homemade apple pie! 

“I like to go into someone’s iphone and change their autocorrect for a simple word like “hello” to “One Ring to Rule them All, One Ring to Bring them all, and in the Darkness bind them”  

Dan, =PR= One Loudoun

My go to treat after long runs is a steak burrito, or greasy pizza, or sushi, or a chocolate milkshake...can I just eat all of the above? I'm a bottomless pit after a long training week

My top running trick? My training method is high volume, mostly low intensity. Run more miles, but keep things easy so you stay fresh to crush your faster runs!

Mariangeli, =PR= Warehouse

My favorite treat is anything salty. Bring on the chips! Oh and I love bread too!
A running trick... Make sure you stay hydrated! Not only on the days you're running or walking but on off days too.

Tamika, =PR= Burke

Treat: Macadamia cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and a bowl of ice cream!
Trick: When someone asks me how far I run, my answer, as far as my imagination can take me. Running is a movement, not a speed. I move swiftly and for miles in my head.

Ray, =PR= Co- Owner 

My favorite treat would be anything chocolate, the darker the better. But to be more specific, I am a big fan of frosted brownies.  Everyone knows I have a sweet tooth... so nice chewy chocolate brownies with super sweet chocolate frosting is twice as nice!

My running trick… learn to run hills properly from an effort and biomechanical perspective. Most people hate hills, so if you can get to a place where you at a minimum don’t fear hills and at best thrive on hills, you will have a big mental advantage over other runners around you.

Joe, =PR= Fairfax 

My favorite Halloween treat is Candy Corn even if that may be controversial!  My favorite trick to play is tricking myself into thinking candy is a good mid run nutrition!