November Spotlight: Anonymous Turkey

If you're an avid turkey trotter then you have probably had your fair share of run ins with a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. You know when you're out with the fam running your local turkey trot and just like that, out of nowhere, a turkey comes trotting by (some quicker than others) just gobbling along the way. Well this month we got a chance to run alongside one of those turkeys as they gear up for the big day! This is one spotlight you don’t want to miss. So cool it on the mashing of the potatoes and the stuffing of the... oh snap, don't even go there!

Q U I C K  Q U E S T I O N S

What is your age race category? My age … never ask a turkey their age just know this… Turkey’s are timeless! 

What was your first race? Is this even a question, my first race was of course my first Thanksgiving! My flock and I laced up and took to the streets to join in on all the fun with thousands of others. The only thing is we were way outnumbered by humans, usually we are the ones running the show. 

What is your favorite race memory? Each year we have a run in with this big guy in a red suit and a white beard, I mean our day is really just the one day. He has the whole month of December to celebrate and bring cheer. This one year a bunch of us turkeys swarmed him at mile 3 and gave him a piece of our wishbone. Let’s just say it didn’t end well for him… That was the last time he showed up on race day all dressed in red ringing his bell. 

How did you get started running, walking, or racing? One bird claw in front of the other. Wobbled until I couldn’t wobble any more than got back up and did it again. I learned at a young age if you want to survive the month of November, then you better get going when they come chasing. And if your bird legs can’t go any further than fly like an eagle, (as best as you can when your a turkey that is!)

What is the thing you love the most about running, walking, or racing? Easy, it’s the one time of year that my extended family, friends, and full flock come together. For us it’s a family reunion like no other. 

Who is your biggest supporter or cheerleader? The humans! You should see their face when we race by, they get all excited seeing us, ask for selfies, try to touch our feathers, it’s like they’ve never seen a turkey run by. Once in a while, you see a human not so happy to see us pass them, they try to speed up …. I mean what’s the big deal if a turkey beats you anyways? Can’t we have our moment too?!? After all it’s our day! 

What is your spirit animal? Why? Psh. We are the top bird, we look to be like no one other than ourselves. 

What is your life motto or words to live by? Birds of a feather flock together. 

List three fun facts about yourself:

  • I am faster than you think. 

  • I don’t like bird jokes.

  • IMO - Ham tastes better than Turkey. 

List your three must have items when walking or running?

  • Your peeps, it’s always more fun to run with your flock. 

  • Food - My favorite thing on race day are seeds and nuts. 

  • A Strava account. Gotta show those other humans who the top birds are. 

Your last run or walk was . . . Turkey Day 2021, unless you count the other day when the farm dog was chasing me around the pasture. 

Your last race . . . Turkey Day 2021. I don’t want to brag but check out them results…. 

If I wasn't running or walking I'd be . . . Chillin with my peeps in the pasture. 

My favorite post-run, walk, or race meal is . . . Nuts, Nuts, and more nuts! Let’s just say we are a bit nutty about nuts and seeds. It’s funny but it’s hard to believe that a lot of humans eat…. US for a post-race meal. I mean the audacity. 

What advice do you have for a new runner or walker? Try to gobble in and out slowly. 

Tell us a little more... Share anything you'd like below! I don’t want to get on a soap box or anything but since I have your attention... cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, rolls, green bean casserole, mac and cheese - these are the stars of the show and seem to make a nice meal by themselves… no need to add anything else to the menu in my opinion.