March Spotlight: Larry the Leprechaun!

This month we spotlight Larry the Leprechaun. If you’re lucky enough to spot him this month, then consider yourself pretty darn lucky! We know at least one way to up your chances… Larry will be at the Lucky Leprechaun 5K this March! Check out how Larry has been training for the race and all his favorite ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in this month’s spotlight. 

Q U I C K  Q U E S T I O N S

What is your age race category? If you are in the range of 35-40 … you best not show up because I am about to smoke you! Let’s just say I am looking to score one of those PR gift certificates this year! 

What is your favorite =PR= Race? Is this even a question?!? 

What was your first race? The Pot O’Gold 10K … rumor has it they rebranded it since I stopped showing up?!? Can you believe it? Spring Classic 10K or something like that…

What is your favorite race memory? This year… each year the Lucky Leprechaun 5K gets bigger, better, and greener!  I can’t wait to celebrate with everyone this March. Let’s be sure to make it a memorable one! 

How did you get started running, walking, or racing? When I was a young boy my dad would take me out after the rain and we would log many miles searching for rainbows and if we were lucky enough we'd be bringing home some gold for my ma! 

What is the thing you love the most about running, walking, or racing: It’s my time to shine! I love being able to lace up and chasing my dreams. Most people think I am just out there running and that luck is on my side but the truth is I train hard for the Lucky Leprechaun 5K. 

Who is your biggest supporter or cheerleader? The participants from the Lucky Leprechaun 5K… when I get out there on race day all the runners are cheering for me, running with me, and asking for photos and selfies. I basically feel like a celebrity. I mean I know I run a pretty solid 5K, but you’d think I won it or something the way they treat me. If I am real lucky they even put my face on the medal and shirt. 

What is your spirit animal? Why? Irish Setter because just look at them! 

What is your life motto or words to live by? Live life on the lucky side. 

List three fun facts about yourself: 1) My cousin is pretty well known for his magical delicious breakfast treat, you may know him as L.C. Leprechaun. 2) I love a good green smoothie, the greener the better. 3) Even a leprechaun can be unlucky… I broke my leg in the 2020 virtual Lucky Leprechaun 5K, let’s just say it was a bad year!  

Favorite place to run, walk, or train? Anywhere I can spot a rainbow! 

List your three must have items when walking or running? Gold coins (you never know when you are going to need a quick snack and want to make a pit stop), my lucky four leaf clover (I don’t leave home without it), and bug spray (you’d be surprised how many bugs are attracted to a big guy dressed in green… I come home with a beard full of bugs!)

If you could go on a walk or run with anyone who would it be and why? Everyone talks about this big guy with a white beard and a red suit who has a race of his own in December. He seems pretty cool. Maybe I’d enjoy a run in with him…

Your last run or walk was . . . lucky! I found a lucky penny, a lucky charm, and even saw a rainbow. 

Your last race . . . I only do one race a year… Lucky Leprechaun 5K, 2022. Excited to get back out this month for my yearly race. 

If I wasn't running or walking I'd be . . .  chasing Rainbows, looking for gold, and pinching those that think it’s okay night to wear green of course. ;) Oh and I love kissing … It seems like almost everyone is Irish during the month of March so I am pretty busy. #KissMeImIrish 

My favorite post-run, walk, or race meal is . . .  If it’s a morning run then Irish Coffee, a bowl of Lucky Charms, and a slice of Irish Soda Bread but for my evening fun runs, I love a large pint of Guinness Beer and a piece of Shepherd's Pie and of course a few green cookies for dessert! 

What advice do you have for a new runner or walker? Make it fun! Sure I train, but most of the time I am just out there looking for gold, chasing rainbows, or finding the next person to pinch. 

Tell us a little more... Share anything you'd like below! Well since you are giving me the time I may as well tell you the insider’s scoop of the Lucky Leprechaun 5K… As soon as you finish your race don’t waste time cooling down, instead go directly to the post-run snacks, they usually have Shamrock Cookies that are DELICIOUS!