Making the Holidays RUNemorable

The holiday season is fast approaching with Thanksgiving in only a few weeks followed by a string of festivities and celebrations. This holiday season make it one to RUNember. Check out these tips to make it a season full of fun and RUN! 

Make Time for Family (On the Run)

Want to spend time with the ones you love? Of course you do, it’s the holiday season and that means all things family and friends. After all, the more the merrier! What better way to enjoy each others' company and catch up on the past year than on a run or at a local holiday 5K? Check out our complete race schedule and register the whole family! 

Dress Your Best 

The holiday season is not the time of year to look like a slob. Instead, put on your best holiday flair and be the talk of the table! Our go-to holiday outfit is perfect for logging miles and feasting. We call it the run to fun look! Start with your key running pieces (tights, long sleeve, and half zip) in the seasonal colors, then add some flair with your socks and throw on a head piece and just like that you are the best dressed this holiday season! 

Take Your Time 

It’s easy for the holidays to fly by faster than your personal record so make this holiday season long lasting! Our suggestion for runs, walks, and races? Instead of making your next run or race time-oriented or goal-based, make it a goal to spend as much time as possible enjoying your family, the holiday scenery, and all that glitters!

Make Time For YOU! 

We get it. The holidays can feel a bit like a 100m dash... fast and leaves you out of breath. So take a deep breath and allow a few minutes of time for yourself. Log an extra mile, go for a nice walk, take a few minutes longer to stretch, and just make sure you take care of yourself! 

Get Your Grub On

There’s nothing better than a tray full of cookies post-run or walk. Gather your friends, training partners, or run club and get going on a cookie exchange! Just make sure not to eat them all before the run and of course save some for Santa too! 

Pump Up The Jam

Take that playlist and put some jingle in your mix! Take a break from your favorite tunes and make your next walk or run full of seasonal songs! We suggest singing them loud and proud and spreading the holiday cheer. 

Now if this doesn’t get you in the mood for the holidays we don’t know what will… We hope your holidays are runderful! Be sure to stop in and visit us this holiday season!