Lights, Camera, Take ACTION

When Fall hits the days get darker sooner but you can still stay active at all hours as long as you light up your run or walk and take these steps to staying safe and being seen! 

5 Steps To Take Before Your Next Fall Run or Walk: 

1. Light Up! Headlamp, hand torch, strobe lights, and more! A simple way to stay bright and be seen. Add some extra lights to your everyday outfit. This is a super simple way for others to see you and for you to see where you are going! 

2. Wear Whites and Brights - Easy enough …. Avoid wearing dark colors and instead select colors that are bright and easy to spot! Think neons, whites, and lights! 

3. Safety First! - Tell loved ones where you are going and stay on route and give them an approximate time frame of how long you will be out on your run or walk! And consider taking your phone, try an arm band, tights with pockets, or waist pack to carry them on the run! 

4. Can you hear me now?!? For an extra safe feeling try a Nathan SaferRun Ripcord Siren. When danger calls you’ll feel safe with the click of a button! 

5. Run with your wolf pack! Running or walking in groups is always a good idea especially during the darker hours. Not only will you be safer in numbers you will also have fun logging miles together and enjoying each other's company!