July Rundown: High School Ambassador, Intern, and Customer - Levi Domonkos

As fall cross country season approaches, we spotlight a local XC and track athlete and one of our high school ambassadors, Levi. Levi attends Dominion High School and this past year was one of our 25+ ambassadors. In addition, this summer he spent three days learning the ins and outs of the =PR= world as an intern. Learn more about Levi in this month’s rundown. 

Q U I C K  Q U E S T I O N S 

What is your age race category? 15-19 

What is your favorite =PR= Race? One I would like to do is the New Year’s Day race, if I can get up in time in the morning! 

What was your first race? Bill Steers Men’s 4 Miler 

What is your favorite race memory? Finishing 3rd Battle XC Meet with a big PR while it was super cold and pouring rain! 

How did you get started running, walking, or racing? My dad got me into it when I was younger and during COVID I really started to run a lot more on my own. 

What is the thing you love the most about running, walking, or racing? The community, the people in it are super nice and it’s just great to be around people who like to run. 

Who is your biggest supporter or cheerleader? My parents. 

What is your spirit animal? Why? Cheetah, because they are fierce and fast. 

What is your life motto or words to live by? “No human is limited.” - Eluid Kiphoge 

List three fun facts about yourself:

  • I speak 2 languages fluently.
  • I have been to 4 continents 
  • I am part Hungarian 

Favorite place to run, walk, or train? Long gravel paths. 

List your three must have items when walking or running? My watch, good running shoes, and a good running hat! 

If you could go on a walk or run with anyone who would it be and why? Eluid Kiphoge because he seems like a very humble person and it would be great to get to know him.

Your last run or walk was . . . a tempo run in nice weather. 

Your last race . . . was HOT! 

If I wasn't running or walking I'd be . . . swimming.  

My favorite post-run, walk, or race meal is . . . smoothies! 

What advice do you have for a new runner or walker? Enjoy the sport and a big thing is not to compare yourself to others because everyone is unique. 

Tell us a little more... Share anything you'd like below! I love to travel to different countries and run there too. I also like to watch movies that are old or new.