July =PR= Employee Spotlight: Katarina Lewis

This month we spotlight one of our newer employees in our newest store location, South Riding. Meet Katarina “Kat” Lewis a native of Northern Virginia. Kat may be new to the =PR= family but she is no stranger to the run specialty world! Kat enjoys all things outdoors, especially running! In addition to running, Kat has a background as an Emergency Medical Technician. Learn more about Kat this month in our employee spotlight. 

Q U I C K  Q U E S T I O N S 

What is your age race category? 30-39

What was your first race? Dallas Half Marathon 

What is your favorite race memory? Finishing my first marathon, which was on trail

How did you get started running, walking, or racing? Both my parents were runners and I’ve always run because I love it

What is the thing you love the most about running, walking, or racing? Challenging myself! 

Who is your biggest supporter or cheerleader? My family. 

What is your spirit animal? Why? A dog, because they are loyal.

What is your life motto or words to live by? This too shall pass. 

List three fun facts about yourself: I’m half Swedish half American, I speak Swedish, and I have lived in multiple countries 

Favorite place to run, walk, or train? White Rock Lake in Dallas, TX

List your three must have items when walking or running? Garmin, iPhone, Apple AirPods 

If you could go on a walk or run with anyone who would it be and why? One of my best friends who lives in a different state, we enjoy running together and chatting

Your last run or walk was . . . HOT.

Your last race . . . TROT - Crazy Desert Virtual Run - 50K

If I wasn't running or walking I'd be . . . Spending time with friends and family

My favorite post-run, walk, or race meal is . . . Not really a meal, but a protein shake

What advice do you have for a new runner or walker? Have fun and enjoy the process. 

Tell us a little more... Share anything you'd like below! I hope to complete a 50 miler and 100 miler in the future