Greener Every Step Of the Way

As runners, walkers, and movers, we know the importance of getting outside and enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. Staying active and choosing to walk, run, and move more is already a great way to help keep our Earth green, but there’s even more you can be doing to make every step greener. Today we celebrate Earth Day, but check out how you can celebrate all year long and make going green a part of your every day. 


Donate Your Shoes

Ready to toss your old, worn out shoes? Instead of tossing them to the wind and giving a grand farewell, drop them off at your local =PR= store. Potomac River Running is proud to partner of Got Sneakers who takes your old shoes and gives them new life! By donating your shoes you are helping keep the planet greener and also turning your trash into treasure. Each year over 200 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills but with your help we can reduce that number just by taking a trip to =PR=.  After you donate your shoes, we send them off to Got Sneakers. From there, they take your shoes and either donate them to those in need or take them and turn them into something new! So what are you waiting for? Start cleaning out that sneaker closest and stop by today to drop off your old shoes. As if you needed a reason to come to the store?!? Just think of it as an excuse to visit the store, just don’t blame us if you come home with a new pair ;) 

Recycle Your Fuel 

Don’t be trashy, instead keep your trash and bring it to Potomac River Running. Did GU know that Potomac River Running is a proud partner of the TerraCycle program? You can bring any of your finished nutritional product wrappers to our store. That’s right, we will take your trash - wrappers, tubs, etc. Then we send it to Terracycle for them to work their magic! They turn all that trash into good by creating new products like playground pieces, furniture, and more! Learn more about the TerraCycle program and all the ways you can help eliminate your waste! 

Run or Walk More 

Like you needed a person to tell you to run or walk more?!? Want a reason to go an extra mile? Or spend more time outside? Well here you go! Just tell them =PR= told you to do it! By running more, walking more, and leaving your car parked, you are helping make the world a whole lot greener. Keeping the car parked and using yourself as a means of transportation keeps Mother Nature extra happy! So the next time you are about to jump in the car for a quick trip, just think can you walk or run there instead? 

Eat Your Greens 

Be like Popeye and eat your greens! The greener your meal the better! By eating less meat and choosing to include more fruits and vegetables you'll be making the world a healthier place. Turn Monday into meatless Monday or make Tuesday Tofu Tuesday (maybe it sounds gross but you should at least give it a try). However you decide to get your greens just make sure it’s a regular part of your every day diet! 

Be Totes Adorable 

Plastic or paper? Neither! Instead of taking plastic or paper, how about using a recycled tote bag? It’s a simple way to make your next shopping trip greener. Need a TOTE-ly adorable bag? We can help with that! 

Shop Your Favorite Brands 

Everyone is looking to go green, let’s just say it’s a trend that will NEVER go out of style. Many of your favorite brands are going green from recycled cardboard shoe boxes to recycled fabric and materials. All of your favorite brands are looking to do better too! For example, New Balance indicates sustainable products with the above green leaf. Click here to see a full list. Like we said, it's a trend that is always trending.

You know the old saying Mother knows best? Well we know one thing for sure, Mother Nature is one of the best gifts to runners and walkers. It’s our favorite place to log miles so let’s keep it the best looking place we can today and always! Happy Earth Day!