Are You Race Day Ready?

It's almost race day... Training complete, registration confirmed, now to get ready for the big day! 

Got a race coming up? Did you just check your inbox and get all the details about your next race? So exciting! We love the feeling of clicking register and knowing that a race is just a few training months, weeks, days, or maybe even hours or minutes away... can someone say same day registration!? Now that you are registered for the race and you are already deep into training it's time to talk about race day readiness and what you need for the big day! 

Training is hard enough so let us help you simplify things by making a few suggestions of what you need for race day. Just remember the distance, the weather conditions, and even the type of race can all play a part in what you may need. So use this as a baseline and if you have more questions, drop into any of our store locations and let our expert staff help you with all your questions! 


Probably the most important thing you need on race day is a good pair of shoes! Hopefully you have been training in a pair that you love already and that feel good on your feet. Regardless, all that training may mean it's time for a fresh pair for race day. Also, you may be thinking about a shiny new PR (personal record) on race day. I mean who doesn't wait to chase down a PR? If a PR is on your radar, you may want to consider a pair of performance shoes for race day. I know what you are thinking... you are not a professional runner... SO WHAT! Performance shoes are made for everybody! In fact, you may find that after you lace up in a pair and run your fastest race yet, you could just be on Nike's radar as the next big running sensation! Just ask our very own Keira D'Amato what she thinks about her fly race day shoes! She's been crushing race after race and if you look down you'll notice she's wearing a performance shoe! Check out our full collection of performance shoes and get ready for a new personal record! 


Fuel, fuel, fuel! Depending on the length of your race you will want to make sure you have fuel and hydration all sorted out prior to race day. For starters, anytime you are talking nutrition, it's a good idea to practice, practice, practice. Trust us... it's not a good idea to experiment on race day. So be sure to try a few products while training and decide what works best for you and your body. We suggest considering a few factors when thinking about nutrition... how often do you plan to take something? How long is your race? And how do you plan to carry your nutrition? If you are carrying nutrition, we would suggest considering a belt, vest, handheld, or a really awesome crew person! As far as hydration goes, practice carrying water during your training runs in a handheld bottle, hydration belt, or pack. The amount of water you consume during your race will depend on the distance and how long you'll be out on the course!

Flat Lay 

'Twas the night before the race... before you lay out your gear you want to make sure you have everything you need for the perfect race day outfit! A few things to consider when selecting your race day outfit are the following: the weather, the type of event (Themed race? Trail race? Holiday race?), the distance, and the amount of time you will be on your feet! Once you consider all those things then you can start to determine what is best for race day. For races in the fall, we love layers because as you start to get going and heat up you can lose a layer! For themed and holiday races we love flair because I mean come on, it's all about the outfit right?! For trail races and long distances races we love practicality because you will want to have all the help you can for all those miles and difficult courses. We also love pockets for longer races. Pockets are a great way to store everything you need with ease. And for all races, we go by the motto, when you look good, you feel good. Find an outfit that is comfortable and makes you feel great! After all, it's you big day so go out and look the part! 

Odds and Ends 

Last but not least, a few odds and ends to consider for race day:

Socks? Hat? Watch? And of course your race day bib, safety pins, and anything else you need to make it to the race corral or the starting line. Good socks are a MUST and a hat is great for rainy or hot days or cold if it's winter! A watch will help you keep track of your progress. If it's not on Strava (or Garmin or whichever device you use) did it really happen? (just kidding!)

Now that you know what to wear and bring, the only thing left is to lace up and get after it! Get out and crush it!

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