Are You Kidding Me?! Don’t be Fooled by These Old Wive's Tales!

April is here which means tricks will be played and it’s likely that if you're not up on your toes you may be fooled! There are a lot of myths about running, walking, and racing so let’s dive in and get to the truth! But first did you hear about the guy that broke the mile with a time of 3 minutes while juggling a box of Vaporflys!?.... APRIL FOOLS!

1. Running is bad for your knees.

You’ve probably heard this one too many times, but the truth is, running itself isn’t bad for your knees. That being said, bad form, worn shoes, increasing mileage too soon, or a misalignment can all cause knee pain or injury. So quit blaming it on the running and instead let’s take a closer look at some of the possible causes. Are your shoes too old? Did you try to run too much, too fast, too soon? Is your form out of alignment? These can all be reasons why that pain in the knee is throbbing and preventing your from running. 

2. Eat Pasta Run Fasta. 

Sure most runners are fans of pasta and sure carb loading before a race or workout can be helpful but there’s more to chew on then just pasta. Try things such as grains, rice, and potatoes too! Also keep in mind unless you are planning for a run or race longer than 2 hours you don’t need to change your normal diet much. The most important thing is that you eat something that your stomach can handle. 

3. You should always follow your training plan. 

Things are going to come up from time to time and being flexible with your plan and yourself is okay. Certainly you want to try and keep to the plan but know that missing one day or one workout will not make or break you. It’s a plan not an end all be all. 

4. More is better. 

Yes and no. Maybe if you are training for an ultra or a marathon, but for most runners more is not always better and can often lead to injuries when mileage is increased too soon and too fast. Don’t think of running more or higher mileage as better, you can be just as proud of yourself for a short run or less reps. More doesn’t always been better. Better means better. Work on developing a plan that is better for you in the area you are focusing on! 

5. Rest days are for the lazy. 

Ummm NO not true at all, in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. When you work hard your body needs time to rest and recover. Taking a day off from running and resting in fact is a very smart choice. It’s also a great opportunity for you to focus on other things for example strength training, yoga, foam rolling, or even just catching up on some extra ZZZ or your favorite tv show! 

6. You’re Not a “real” Runner.

So you don’t run a million miles a day and you don’t own a pair of Vaporflys or you don’t run a sub 4 minute mile - BIG DEAL! You and most of all the other runners in the world! Just because you're not the fastest or don’t run every day doesn’t mean you're not a runner. Do you put one foot in front of the other in a forward motion? Are you reading this blog? Do you run from time to time? Then you ARE in fact a RUNNER my friend! And we are glad you are. A run is a run and if you run that makes you a runner. Go on with your bad self. 

7. Bad Weather Means Bad Run - Stay Inside. 

Says WHO!? Sure you may not be as motivated to get outside and run on a wet, cold, damp, dreary day but we bet once you get out the door you’ll be glad you did. Don’t let bad weather change your running or walking plans, instead embrace the elements! And soak it all up, literally. Also, know that wearing the right gear can be a game changer when running against the bad weather bears. Find gear that suits all different types of weather and it will be as if you never know it was bad weather in the first place. Plus, running in all types of weather helps you prepare better for race day which could be cold, hot, rainy, sunny, windy, etc.!

8. I could never run a marathon. 

You can’t or you don’t want to? Because YOU can if you want too! Running a marathon is no different than running a 5K, yes it’s longer and yes the training is more in depth but you are very much capable of running a marathon with proper training and the right tool box. Don’t let the mileage scare you, instead build slowly, ask for help, and lean on a team or training plan or program to help guide the way! Need a little extra help or motivation? We can help with one of our many training programs and upcoming races

9. In order to run a PR you must wear Vaporflys or Carbon Plated Shoes. 

You’ve probably seen a number of elite runners racing and setting new records in fancy footwear but that doesn’t mean it’s the only way to set your own personal record. Of course wearing carbon plated shoes can help and may even lead to a new =PR= of your own. They may be worth giving a try the next time you're in the store but know that there is plenty of footwear that will get you to the finish line and plenty that will bring you new records too! The most important thing when looking for a new shoe is comfort. If they feel good then you have found a winner! 

Now that you are in the know, ain’t nobody gonna fool you this month. But for real, did you hear about the girl that set a new Guiness World Record - She ran a marathon in crocs while running with a real live crocodile on a leash with a blistering time of 20 minutes and 3 seconds….. APRIL FOOLS.