5 Reasons to Give Insoles a Try

#1 Find Comfort 

For most people the reason they come to =PR= is to find comfort in their footwear. Our customers are seeking comfort on their run, on their walk, and for their every day activities. Sneakers should feel good for whatever you decide to use them for. Insoles can often provide additional comfort and cushion too. So if comfort is what you are looking for then maybe the additional support of an insole is what you need.

#2 Add Support 

Sometimes you just want a little extra from your shoes (or a little extra from everything… hello extra fries, extra guac, extra lovin'!) Well, insoles add support and they can give you a little extra just where you need it without wearing a stability shoe. So if you're looking for a little extra then it’s worth trying a few pairs to see which matches up best with your feet. 

#3 Customize Your Shoe 

No two feet are the same, so sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect pair of shoes made just for you... unless you are a shoe craftsman and have a shoe workshop in the back of your garage. But when you try a 3D custom insole you basically have the perfect match for your shoe. Did you know that =PR= offers a custom 3D foot scan? You can schedule a fitting or stop by anytime to get started with your personalized foot scan and fitting. 

#4 Prevent Injury 

Let’s face it, anything that can help you train longer, further, and with ease, is worth giving a try! Did you know that many athletes in a variety of sports use insoles to prevent injury? Athlete or not, if you are on your feet for long periods of time whether it be from work or marathon training, it can take a toll on your body. Introducing an insole can ease some of the impact by providing an additional layer of support. So stay pain free and test out a pair in your next pair of shoes.

#5 Heal An Injury 

Got an injury, nagging pain, or discomfort? Well, did you know that adding an insole can sometimes be an easy solution to freeing you of that pain? Insoles can offer additional support and cushion that can often provide more protection on your foot when you run or walk. Talk more to your doctor, PT, or a medical professional about which insole may be best for you! Then head into the store and let our team of fit experts help you find relief. 

Think you're ready to try an insole? Stop into any of our locations and step into an insole. Already know what you're looking for and love the insoles you are in? Shop our full collection in-store and online.