Run With Us

The Potomac River Running mission is to provide you not only with great products, but to offer you great opportunities to use them! Whether you’ve bought something from us before or are new and just checking out =PR=, we invite you to come Run with Us! We’ve developed training programs, clinics, and other opportunities for runners and walkers of all levels – whatever your running history, we have something for you. For the social runners, come out for a low key group run. New to running or looking to make a return? Check out one of our =PR= Training Programs designed to help you get faster, go farther, and enjoy doing it! For the racers and those who like to get out to events, consider becoming part of our =PR= Volunteers – earn great gear and other benefits while supporting us and helping us to support the larger running community. We love fitting you for shoes and helping you with your equipment needs, but really appreciate the opportunity to actually run with you too!

  • Running Fundamentals

    Although exercise physiology principles have been studied for years and have not changed much lately, our running society has begun to focus more on the principles of running economy, and recently-developed theories about proper technique may be leading to a revolution in running shoe design! Training the body to execute precise, efficient movements will pay dividends for all sorts of races, with perhaps greatest impact on the longer distances – without increasing your fitness, you will be able to run faster with proper technique. So, how do you get more efficient? Join =PR= for our FREE one-hour “Back to Basics” clinics.

    Learn The Basics
  • Fun Runs

    Potomac River Running sponsors several programs to support and grow the local running community. We offer low-key free group fun runs in the evenings from all of our store locations! Come out and join us after work or before the family dinner – get your run done with the support and safety of a group!  Join us at 6:30 PM (unless otherwise noted) for a low key group run. Store staff and members of various local training groups will team up to lead these runs. No matter your pace or experience, you should feel at home in the casual setting!

    Join the Fun
  • =PR= Racing Team

    Head to any DC-area race and chances are you’ll find someone wearing a =PR= singlet! We are happy to support area runners who are performing at the elite, regional elite, and age group elite levels. We welcome runners of all abilities!

    Be Part of the Team
  • =PR= Volunteers

    Do you enjoy running races? Want to experience what it is like on the other side of races? Looking for a way to give back to the running community? Potomac River Running is always looking for great people to volunteer at our events.  We have volunteer opportunities for individuals who are looking to support their community, small groups who are earning credit for school/work requirements and large groups trying to fundraise for their organization.

    Volunteer With Us

=PR= training programs

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