Potomac River Running is a family-owned, locally based running specialty store with 8 locations in Arlington, Ashburn, Burke, DC, Fairfax, Falls Church, Leesburg, and Reston. We opened in the spring of 2003 in Loudoun County with the goal of sharing our passion for an active lifestyle with the community and recently celebrated 11 years in the DC Metro area.

We are honored to have been voted one of the 50 Best Running Stores in America in each of the past eight years, since the award’s inception in 2006. Each year, Competitor magazine and Running Insight® identify the 50 Best Running Stores in America®. It starts with runners nominating their favorite store, then those stores are put through a rigorous evaluation process, which includes mystery shopping to assess customer service, credit ratings from vendors and assessments about local programs and community commitment.  The shops ranked among the 50 Best Running Stores in America are the ones that offer exemplary customer service for every type of runner, organize training programs, group runs and local races, and provide knowledge and insights about the latest trends, the newest gear, proper running form and local trails, plus can answer endless questions about racing, training and injury prevention. In other words, it’s a shop that goes out of its way to do everything for local runners, no matter what age, experience or ability.  We are very proud of this great accomplishment!

We are grateful for the support we have received in our native Northern Virginia and the greater DC area. We are fortunate to work our passion, and have greatly enjoyed our first decade in business serving the Metro area. We appreciate your trust and support and hope to continue to provide you the best customer experience possible.

All in the Family

All four Potomac River Running owners are related by blood or marriage. Cathy and Margie are sisters who grew up in Fairfax County. Brendan (Margie’s high school sweetheart) is especially proud of his local roots. Though Ray (Cathy’s husband) is originally from New Jersey, we give him a pass because he has lived in the DC area for nearly 20 years and is known to cheer for the Redskins from time to time.

Prior to opening the stores, the owners were each heavily involved in the local running community in one way or another. All four ran track and cross country through high school.   Cathy, Ray and Margie enjoyed successful running careers in college. Cathy and Ray met while running for the same professional post-collegiate racing team. Margie continues to race triathlons professionally. Never the fleetest of foot, Brendan still aims to solidify his place in the middle of the pack.

Roots in the Coaching World

Directly out of college, Margie and Brendan spent many seasons coaching high school track and cross country in Fairfax County. It wasn’t long before Cathy and Ray, caught the coaching bug and joined forces with Margie to build a very successful adult coaching program, which was the root of their =PR= Training Program business.  Determined to turn their hobbies into careers, the group of four jumped with two feet into the running store business.

Building Community

At Potomac River Running, we are concerned with more than shoes and gear. We are committed to growing the running and walking community around us. Our belief in the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle has inspired us to support countless races and running- and walking-related charities throughout the region. Our goal is to stand behind the community that has embraced us and helped us grow over the years.

One critical piece in our effort to spread enthusiasm for running and walking is a real commitment to outreach and education. We know how hard it is to take that first step after a long layoff or to start running for the first time as an adult. We know the challenge of forging a healthy new routine can seem overwhelming and that the world of group runs, running clubs, and races can seem foreign and intimidating at first. Our goal is to provide a welcoming, safe, and fun environment for runners and walkers of all experience levels and to break down the barriers that keep people from taking the all important first step. From our friendly staff (they are great people, we promise!) to our free information clinics, informal group runs/walks, and our Running 101 beginner programs, we want to encourage you to join us and have a great time.

We are proud to know an ever growing list of people who have taken incredible steps toward being fitter, healthier, and happier than ever. Do you have a story you think might inspire others? Contact us at and share it! We’d love to hear from you!

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