Running Fundamentals

Although exercise physiology principles have been studied for years and have not changed much lately, our running society has begun to focus more on the principles of running economy, and recently-developed theories about proper technique may be leading to a revolution in running shoe design!

Training the body to execute precise, efficient movements will pay dividends for all sorts of races, with perhaps greatest impact on the longer distances – without increasing your fitness, you will be able to run faster with proper technique.

Good technique is not just for the racing set – improving your running technique can help you minimize the risk of injury and keep you making positive steps forward in your running. There are even a variety of new footwear designed to help you transition to a more efficient running form, although for many, better form may simply mean you come to require less “stability” in your running shoes than previously.

Running Fundamentals Program: “Back to Basics”

So, how do you get more efficient? Join =PR= for our FREE one-hour “Back to Basics” clinics. Clinics will be available at different =PR= locations each month. Come learn more about the key aspects of good running form, and how to implement them, including appropriate:

  • head/shoulder/body position
  • knee angle
  • foot strike
  • stride length
  • stride frequency

Below are the upcoming Running Fundamentals clinic dates & locations.  To RSVP, please click on the date(s) you would like to attend: