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September 21, 2016 |

A group of people who are passionate about fitness and our community.

Allow us to introduce you to our staff, one story at a time. #PRRunningFamily

We’d like to introduce you to Julie Graham / =PR= Leesburg

In 2008 I signed up for my first race ever, the Army Ten Miler. A co-worker convinced me that I would love it and it would be worth it. I was never a runner, so I couldn’t believe that I had signed up… but I knew I needed a change. My health had slipped out of focus over the years, and I was gaining a lot of extra weight. The year that I started exercising and managing my food I lost 45 pounds. It was incredibly hard and sacrifices had to be made, but it was so worth it.

Since that time I’ve had 4 kids and the numbers on the scale have gone up and down, naturally. Running is not only a great passion of mine, but it was the one thing that helped me tackle the baby weight. Running and racing have become a family hobby for us. My husband and I both committed to going all in with triathlons, running relays, and road races. It takes a lot of communication to organize which one of us will swim at 5am while the other gets the kids ready for school, or run home from the soccer game while the other drives the kids, but that’s what going ‘all in’ looks like for us. It’s all about finding the time for fun and fitness.

If you ever see me running I will more than likely have on my Orange Visor. I got it when I was training for Army, so it has a special place in my heart. I started a lifestyle, fitness blog to share my story with others called “Orange Visor.” Trying to balance everything and keep your health and wellness a priority can be a challenge. If I can encourage one person to believe in themselves and try one more time, that would make my day. I host fun, free monthly challenge groups. My videos consist of workouts with my kids right there beside me planking or running around in the background while I count sit-ups. I hope to show others that this whole process is about balance and not perfection.