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November 01, 2016 |

A group of people who are passionate about fitness and our community.

Allow us to introduce you to our staff, one story at a time. #PRRunningFamily

We’d like to introduce you to Billy Cerullo / =PR= DC

I grew up in Massachusetts, right outside of Boston, and studied government at Suffolk University. I decided to move to DC the day after graduating in 2014. I have been an AmeriCorps member with Reading Partners for the last two years. In my spare time, I love running on the Mall and visiting museums within and without DC. I was referred to =PR= by a friend and coworker and instantly fell in love with its sense of camaraderie.

Whenever someone asks me if I am a runner I always reply with the same statement: I’m not a particularly good runner, I just like doing it. I never ran in high school or college, I have never run a marathon (although I would very much like to) and I do not consider myself at all competitive in the 5K races I have run in the past few years. I truly believe that to be a runner means to find passion and worth in going out on a run of any distance, pushing oneself a little harder each time, and testing boundaries to realize capabilities. Running gives me the opportunity to do these things, and nothing compares to the sense of pride I feel after I cross the finish line.

So, to all those who believe to be a runner one must be elite, I respectfully disagree. I truly believe you can be a runner just by loving the sport.