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Check out great apparel for your daily run, walk, or trip to the gym. Tell our staff about your activities and we can help direct you to some excellent choices — from trail to gym to dinner, you’ll do it in comfort and style. The right apparel choices can make you more comfortable, keep you safe, and keep you feeling good about your activity choices. Technical fabrics will “wick” (pull moisture away from the skin surface through various moisture transfer properties, and release it into the atmosphere) and typically dry about four times as quickly as non-technical fabrics. Wicking fabrics keep you drier than that cotton t-shirt you remember from high school gym class! The result is reduced chafing from friction and dampness, as well as a more comfortable experience.  Whether you are drier and therefore warmer in the winter, or drier and therefore cooler (and less likely to overheat from perspiration clogging your pores) in the summer, you will be happy you chose the proper wicking apparel pieces!

At Potomac River Running, we offer a variety of running and workout clothing for year round activity. During warm weather, you will find a broad selection of shorts, tops, and various items like Skorts and compression, along with fabrics incorporating UPF sun protection, and/or anti-microbial properties to prevent odor and mildew. We carry many of these products year round.  During the winter months, check out everything to keep you warm and dry, from jackets to pants and tights to great base-layer tops to block the wind and wick the moisture. Finally, we stock an extensive selection of sport bras and women’s-specific apparel.