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While the most important thing to get you started running or walking or keep you going is certainly your shoes, don’t forget about all the little things that make a difference. For every “issue” you may have while working out, someone has invented a solution — from products to help with blistering and chafing, to eyewear, reflective gear, injury prevention and treatment, and performance measurement — it’s all there at Potomac River Running.

You can find a wide variety of gels and bars, hydration belts and bottles, insoles, sunglasses and watches at each location. We also stock a wide variety of performance socks.

Why We Recommend Technical Socks

All socks are not created equally. The right sock can enhance the performance of your shoe, or even address chronic problems you seem to face in every shoe. As with apparel, “wicking” socks (synthetic, with moisture-transfer properties) can keep you more comfortable and less likely to blister or callus. Every sock you find at Potomac River Running is synthetic. How do you pick from the variety of choices? Start by thinking about your desire for cushioning — some people like a very cushioned, soft sock, while others prefer a thin sock that lets them feel the shoe (and the road below it.) Then, narrow the field by considering your preference for style — do you want a sock that is cut higher or lower? Do you like color and texture or prefer the standard white sock? Still don’t know what to choose? As a Sales Associate for their favorite one or two options in the subset you are considering.