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April 28, 2017 |

Phillip Le, =PR= Training Programs Coach

=PR= Training Programs Coach Phillip Le certainly knows the importance of having fun while getting in quality training. If you stop by one of his practices, you just might find him dressed up as Forrest Gump. He is always looking for ways to motivate and entertain his athletes. Coaching the Running 101 and 201 training programs in Arlington, VA has been nothing short of an exciting and joyful experience for him and his runners.

Phil first took up running his junior year of high school. When he moved on to college, running became his stress relief. He has become a seasoned distance runner in his post-grad, young professional life, and thrives on the structure of marathon training.

The setup of living, working, and teaching in Arlington has had a lot of benefits for him. Being able to have constant interactions with his runners inside and outside of =PR= Arlington, where he is the store manager, is one his favorite parts of coaching. After coaching a practice he will usually join the 101 and 201 participants for happy hour or dinner. He’s a true believer that running can be fun for any beginner. He understands the grueling process of running from start to finish, but knows there is a lot of magic that can be found within the structure of training.

Phil likes to remind his runners that, “putting in the effort and work will help anyone find their groove in running.” Most beginners struggle with finding their groove in the beginning of training. He is quick to help with that process by making his practices fun for runners of all ability levels. Last summer he held an Olympic-themed event for his athletes. For each event he would play the Olympic theme song and hand out gold medals to every participant.

His go-to motivational quote is also his favorite life mantra: “To launch a big ship you must launch the ship into deep water.” Phil has the words “Big Ship” written on his hand each time he lines up to race. It is his reminder to always push himself and take risks. The love of running is truly seen in his beginner runners when they take this philosophy to heart and start to see results. There is something to be said for a coach who is passionate about you enjoying yourself and succeeding in the process.