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Recover Like a Ragnarian

Come by =PR= Fairfax for our weekly Monday fun runs. On Monday, July 17th, our local Ragnar Relay ambassador Christine will be leading the runners in an instructional recovery clinic that can be useful wherever the run takes you. We encourage runners of all levels to join us for this 3-5 mile run around Fairfax Corner!

With over 12 years of personal training and coaching experience, Christine Cassar will lead an instructional class on how runners can use a tennis ball to ease tension in muscles that will be put to the test during their Ragnar Race! A tennis ball is great to pack for the van, and participants will be shown how easy and convenient it is to use it during their “down time” in their van or at exchange points to relieve aches and pains in their lower body, glutes, as well as their lower and upper back. Tennis balls and a handout will be provided.

After the run, head over to Crafthouse across the street for extended Happy Hour deals for the runners!